1) Buy a whole chicken or two (Tyson, Foster Farms), let thaw well; then with a sharp knife and a scissors you can cut the chicken into much more useful pieces for the kids:

* breasts: cut into strips for the "nuggets (+ salt , pepper, all purpose flour then fry near serving time; or else, just keep them frozen)

* wings, thigh, drumsticks: fried chicken (+ salt, pepper + all purpose flour + water +/- Italian seasonings); serve hot or cold (after school snacks)

** the rests = make broth for vegetable soup (+ celery, onion, carrot, parsley) then hendd left over cooked rice or a handful of small pasta;

2) Buy a chunk of cross rib beef roast, rub it with salt, pepper, dry thyme or Italian herbs; then with some olive oil ==> on to a baking tray;

preheat the oven to 400F;

in goes the roast for 15 minutes or so, then lower to 325F for a total roasting during at the rate 17 minutes/pound of meat.

Let it rest before carving.

This beef roast is great for kid's sandwiches, for snacking after school, for topping the soup etc.

3)* carrot & celery sticks with peanut butter ( + water) dipping sauce
* whole wheat crackers + few slices of real cheddar cheese
* grilled cheese sandwich cut into 4 + milk
* small roast beef sandwich (from left over roast beef)
* ham & cheese sandwich
* cinnamon toast (whole wheat toast + butter + sugar + cinnamon powder) + milk