in a 500ml (or larger)container:
100g water
100g high gluten flour
1 teaspoon dry yeast
using a fork or a small whisk, mix all ingredients. cover. leave to ripe overnight or for 8-12 hours

in the breadmaker:
all the levain
250-270ml water(for a very soft, on the sticky side dough)
400g high gluten flour
1 teaspoon dry yeast
2 teaspoons soy lecithin granules (optional, as dough improver)
2 teaspoons salt
knead for 20 minutes

take the dough bucket out. cover with damp towel. leave to proof at room temperature (75F) for 60 minutes or until X2 in bulk

flour the working board/table top
with hand helping, "pour" the dough onto the floured board. do not knock the air out!

divide into somewhat equal pieces

pull each piece into a thinner strip of dough, fold in thirds. pull again, in the other direction and fold again in thirds. repeat the steps until a tense, firm log of dough is formed.

pinch the log "corners" underneath to make it round. let rest on the floured board for 5-10 minutes, covered
place one ball of dough seams side up. using the heel of your hand(S)punch it flat (do not tear it, poke some big bubles if you want)
roll up tightly to make a chubby log. pinch edges to secure

do the same with other doughs
spread a heavy duty towel somewhere near
place one log seams side up. with the heel of your hands, punch it flat, pulling a bit as you punch, to make it a bit longer
roll up the long side, making a longer, thinner log. pinch edges to seal.
place both hands side by side by the middle portion of the log. rock the log back and forth, spacing further and further the hands from each other on the log to make it longer, at your convenience (depending on the size of your baking sheet/baguette mold)
place the "baguette" seam side up, on one end of the towel. pull some towel next to the bread, making a ridge
do the same with other doughs, making ridge next to each bread to keep them nice and separate from each other

cover with damp towel

leave the covered bread to proof at room temperature (75F)
15-20 minutes later, carefully transfer the breads to the baking sheet, seam side down, leaving enough space between them to expand, or to the baguette pan.
*prepare the oven for eventually, baking
place one shelf on the lowest level and a cast iron pan on it, close to the oven door
place the other shelf on the highest level (20cm from the broil element)
preheat the oven to 500F.
have 1/2 cup of water near by
go back to the breads.
with sharp and thin knife make diagonal slashes on each bread. cover. leave to finish proofing at room temperature (75F), 25-30 minutes longer

put the breads into the oven, on the highest shelf, then quickly toss 1/2 cup of water into the pan underneath. beware of the scalding steam rushing out. close the oven at once
8-10 minutes later, have a quick peek to check the "color" of the breads. close the door at once. shut the oven off
1) if you liked the color, leave the breads in the "off" oven for 5 minutes longer
2) if they are still pale, leave them in the "off" oven for 10-12 minutes longer

serve the bread at least 20 minutes after they get out of the oven!