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Thread: BBQ Ribs by Jane Smith.

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    Default BBQ Ribs by Jane Smith.

    BBQ Ribs

    by Jane Smith

    Picture by MuaHe

    Buy Spare Pork Ribs or Baby Back Ribs.

    In a large pot, heavily seasoned the water with:

    Zatarain powder (optional)
    Cayenne powder
    Salt + Sugar
    Yellow onion (cut into chunks) + garlic (crushed)
    Orange Or Lemon: cut into 4 or slices; into the pot.
    Bay leaves
    Parsley (American type is OK)

    Boil the pork ribs in such solution for about 20 minutes; either lift them out for another batch,

    or leave there until cool.

    You can do this step the day before and keep the boiled ribs covered, in the refrigerator.

    Mix mustard (French's yellow is fine) with oil; then brush onto the ribs (optional).

    BBQ these cooked rib with smoked high heat; then baste with Cattlemen's BBQ sauce just
    before serving. Since the ribs are cooked, all you need in this step is to create the BBQ flavor;
    so you won't need more than 10 minutes per batch.

    You can feed a large crowd without hassle, this way.


    Zatarain powder:

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