American Mackerel Stew - Cá Nục kho
By Jane Smith


* fresh American mackerel, gutted and gilled
* ripe tomatoes
* ripe pineapple
* green onion, yellow onion, garlic
* fresh basil leaves
* reconstituted noodles
* lime & hot pepper


** do the noodles first, let them drained well.
** marinate the mackerel, cut into two or three, one fish minimum per eater, with fish sauce, sugar.
** saute' sliced yellow onion & garlic with a small amount of canola oil until fragrant; then add cold water (or diluted chicken broth) enough for the meal (= 3 - 4 4oz ladles per person)
** bring to boil, add sliced pineapple, then wedges of tomatoes without seeds
** add the fish, throw away the marinate
** taste for salt; use fish sauce to adjust the saltiness
** As soon as the fish JUST COOKED, ie. 5 - 7 minutes after returning to boil;

off the heat; add saute' shallot & basil;

assemble the bowl with noodles in the bottom, chunks of fish, tomatoes, pineapple, freshly teared basil leaves; wedge of lime & chili pepper.

Use fish sauce side dish for dipping.

Cold beer or ice tea as chaser!

Listerine or Scope (tm) as a must, afterward!