Bánh đúc khoai môn / TARO LASSAGNA

by KitchenAid

interpreted by JS


1/2 a pack (7oz.) of tapioca starch (each pack = 14oz.)
2 tsp glutanous rice flour (sweet rice, sticky rice)
1/2 tsp salt
1 small can of coconut milk (5.6 fl. oz.)
about 2lbs of taro root, peeled and thinly sliced
1/2 cup warm water



Dissolve salt in water + coconut milk then add tapioca starch to have a thick paste;

Preheat a steamer;

into a deep baking tray, cover lightly with canola oil; then dip the taro slices into the batter above, nicely arrange them one layer each time; steam for about 3 minutes each layer;

keep doing until all taro slices were steamed.

Pour the remain batter on top of the taro slices, steam for 20 - 25 minutes;

let cool, then add topping (see below)


Saute' minced pork belly or pork shoulder (or ground pork) + minced shrimps + minced onion + minced galic + chopped soaked dried shrimps + some julienne salty daikon pickle + fish sauce + sugar (to taste) + little caramel for better color and finally chopped green onion & freshly ground black pepper.